WordPress Plugin for Bulk Uploading Comments

WANTED: Simple way to bulk upload or import comments to WordPress.

I needed a simple solution for bulk uploading or importing comments to WordPress via a CSV file. Unfortunately, there is not an option for uploading comments within the dashboard. We did not find any good WordPress plugins for importing comments either. While there are many plugins for importing or uploading data to WordPress, none of them met all of my requirements. So, I put the team to work on developing another custom WP plugin.

IT’S ALIVE! Our custom WordPress Plugin comes to life!

We knocked out version 1 of the plugin in less than a day. A day or two later v3 was completed and it works great. We can now upload a CSV to WordPress with the following data and instantly add comments to any page or post:

  • Post/Page ID
  • Comment Author’s Name
  • Author’s Email (optional)
  • Comment Creation Date and Time
  • Unique Comment Identifier (optional – for reference)
  • Parent Comment ID (optional – for replies)

We built in functionality that allows us to also export comments (with our unique identifier and WP comment ID) from any page or post. That way we can easily match already uploaded or published comments to a CSV file that contains bulk replies. We then simply copy the comment IDs from the export file and paste them into our CSV file with the replies. Quick upload of the replies file to the plugin and BOOM! We instantly have replies as well!

Here is a screenshot of the plugin:

Screenshot of our custom WP plugin interface for bulk uploading comments to WordPress.

I’ll add some additional screenshots to this post soon. Check back later if you want to see our custom WordPress plugin for bulk uploading comments in action.

WHY? To import backdated WordPress comments into Disqus of course!

I’m thrilled we can now bulk upload tons of comments and replies to WordPress! Wondering why this excites me? I’ll recap in case you did not see the answer in the H2 above. This is great because we can now add lots of “legacy/backdated” comments and replies to any of our sites and then import those comments into Disqus. Now any published content can have plenty of history and engagement.

MY 2 CENTS: WordPress Comments vs. Facebook Comments vs. Disqus Comments

I prefer having Disqus comments on our sites as opposed to native WordPress comments, Facebook comments, etc. I’ll share my reasons why in some other post later. I will say quickly that we tested a number of social commenting plugins over the last two years. Initially, we wanted a commenting plugin that integrated WordPress comments, facebook comments, Google + comments, and Disqus comments into a single comment section.

The plugins that worked (from a technical standpoint) did not contain all four platforms and most negatively impacted page load time. The WP plugins that supported all four options were extremely buggy and unreliable. We eventually chose to integrate only Disqus comments. There are a couple of decent plugins for adding Disqus to your WordPress site but nearly all hinder site performance to various degrees.

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Best social commenting plugin for Disqus.

I am very passionate about website performance and needed to defer loading of any comments plugin until after page load. I did not want to allocate any resources to modifying a plugin or manually deferring it either.

There was only one plugin that met my performance requirements and it works great. The plugin is Disqus Conditional Load Pro by Joel James. Here is a link to the free version in WordPress and another to the plugin’s website in case you want to check out the Pro version:

Disqus Conditional Load: https://wordpress.org/plugins/disqus-conditional-load/

Disqus Conditional Load Pro: https://dclwp.com/

I cannot recall off the top of my head why we went with the Pro version over the free version, but I’m sure it was a good reason. You should check them both out.